50 WoW Tips and Tricks

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Too many exploits to give instructions for and some I don't want to make it too easy for Bliz to find but here's some fun stuff:

1. Twiddle Twirler toy (darkshore warfront drop from sapper odette and/or Commander Ra'vesh) cancels fall damage.
2. Shard of Archstone on hollow base creates an invisibility effect (i've posted this on youtube before but I don't think on ownedcore, it is pretty strong).
3. Glitch through walls using scenario. One for the explorers but has multiple uses- join and teleport out of scenario, then mount up near barrier and instead of dc-ing teleport to scenario and out. Works like regular mount glitching but it is so much faster without dc.
4. Essence "ripple in space" can bypass what should be impassable terrain.
5. Trolling mechanics explained-essentially all forms of cc don't trigger guards but any retaliatory attacks do.

There's more stuff here some tricks which are very valuable mixed in with a load of random crap because I don't want to make it that easy for Bliz to discover them.

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