Hi everyone, nothing major but I thought I would share.

We all know what party sync is, allows you to party with a lower level and depending on the other party members level determines your own level. Well it can be handy for XP, in my example levelling in 110-120 I can party with a lower level and complete that level range quests for quite good XP.

The exploit here is you can complete 99% of that quest at your normal level, then party sync with your lower level to finish the final 1% then gain quite nice XP.

On my 112 I just ran around Gorgrond did all the little world quest things leaving 1 objective left (ie looting something, killing 1 final mob etc) on my 112 is a cake walk as those mobs are like 12 levels lower, , then party sync with my 99 which limited my character to level 100, doing the final 1% of those world quests granted 80k XP each.

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