I'll keep this short and sweet. We're going to perma farm the trash pack directly after Vael for [Boots of Pure Thought] [Cloak of Draconic Might] and [Draconic Maul]. The boots are highly wanted by healers and the cloak is BiS for warrior DPS, so this is an incredibly valuable trick to finish off a BWL clear on your way out.

1) After killing Vael only kill the Death Talon Dragonkin pack on the left in the room before the suppression room.
2) Kill Nefarian.
3) Return to suppression room and the remaining Death Talon pack.
4) Have your entire raid stand on the Keg/Barrel closest to the suppression room. It's the only barrel by itself, and the only barrel you can walk off onto from the suppression platform.
5) Have a hunter kite the Death Talon Flamescale or one of the mobs NOT the Captain.
6) Once all Dragonkin are dead, have the entire raid run back up the stairs and jump back onto the barrel.
7) Once your hunter feign deaths the pack resets.

You can farm these as long as you want afaik. I'd be careful though. The respawned groups do drop BoEs. The Captains have the highest % drop chance.

Happy Hunting

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