Im sure a lot of you have heard of Freehold boosting from level 110 - 120.

When shadowlands pre patch hits its possible to do this from level 10 to level 50. (Level 120s becomes level 50 in shadowlands) because the new world and level changes makes Freehold scale from level 10 to level 50

Because corruption effects are gone its more difficult than on live to be a booster but for some specs it still works very efficently, mostly for Tank specs is my guess

I have not tested it with too many classes.
The class that worked best was using a Prot Paladin (around item level 470 on live which is around ilvl 125 in shadowlands) (havent tried any other tank spec) as a booster in which It was possible to boost a level in 3-4min each
Which means you could do about 15 levels per hour all the way from 10 to level 50 here.

Boosting with a DPS spec was a lot more tougher than on live but I think an OP spec like Havoc DH might work even without corruption effects
(Azerite tier items still work and the essences also work)

Note: This is completely without any extra exp effects or rested experience.
A lot of extra exp effects are gone in Shadowlands but 2 that still works is the Draught of Ten Lands and the Banners from guild reputation like Battle Standard of Coordination

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