Tested, working on october 2020. 100% SAFE (it's a standard procedure!)

Required : A Revolut account (credit card) with the cost of a character transfer in balance. (TAKES 5 MINUTES TO CREATE ONE)

I did it by accident, and then did it again, and it worked everytime.

1. Create a char on any server you want with the same name as the actual char you want to rename.
2. Generate a new card on Revolut (not a disposable one, but a temporary one!)
3. Pay for a transfer from your actual server to the server of this character with Revolut, make sure to use a fake name that looks like "iuajsdiuhfausdhfiu" and fake address/fake everything (in your payment method).


4. Wait for the transfer to be complete. The char will have a name like "nickname871287", because there already is a char with the same name. (forced rename)
5. Log in the char, and select a new name. Then, do your thing, just BG, play, raid, anything you want.
6. A few hours after (~3 to 12h), the payment will be ROLLED BACK because Blizzard flags it as suspect.
7. Your char will be locked for a few hours more, then be transferred back to your previous server with its new name.
8. Enjoy.

I don't think they can fix this. If you want to make sure this is bulletproof, just create a new char on the server your renamed one was, with its previous name, so if someday they fix it by sending it back to the previous server with the previous name, it will still ask you to rename anyway.

WORKS on both WoW versions.

EDIT: Remember the back in the days when people said thank you when you shared an exclusive exploit? Good old days... hundreds of views, not a single comment.

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