It is still pretty good to do now though demand is less so you can't do it for very long without saturating the market,
but it is still very good gold per hour when done for short periods.

Basically you use these macros to scan through npc's in dire maul looking for the "a thoroughly...nat pagle" book
which spawns randomly and sells for 12-17K on the ah.

Macro 1 Capital Gardens

/tar Illyanna Ravenoak

/tar Immol'thar

Macro 2 Warpwood quarter

/tar Pusillin

/tar Old Ironbark

Macro 3

/tar lethtendris

/tar alzzin the wildshaper

Macro 4

/tar guard fengus

/tar guard slip'kik

/tar king gordok

How you apply these in practice, there's a few awkward bits I can't explain in text easily you need to see it in action to understand:

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