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Do not rep me: I am providing a written list for folks to follow along with.

Run LFRs in order:
Goto Garrison, Talk to Seer Kazal
Archimonde's Fall
Destructor's Rise (Fel Lord)
Bastion of Shadows (Iskar, Socrethar)
Halls of Blood (Hellfire High Council)
Iron Assembly (beast Lord)

Goto MOP, Veil of Eternal Blossoms. Mogushan palace. Talk to Lorewalker Han.
Dread Approach to the Heart of Fear (all 3 bosses)
Nightmare of Shek'zeer (All 3 bosses)
Terrace of Endless Spring (all)
Guardians of Mogushan (first 3)
Forgotten Depths (Tortos)
Underhold (Malkorok)

Garrison Hearth, Go to Gorgrond, Iron Docks,
Run whole iron docks instance. pull and loot everything. this is to kill time for instance reset.
If you need more time, you can also run Everbloom or Seat of the Triumvirate (if unlocked)

Back to MOP,
Leishen Pinnacle of Storms (Iron Qon, consorts)
Last Stand of the Zandalari (Jinrok)

Go run Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring, MSV, and Heart of Fear.

edit: doing now, running HoF heroic, did not run the heroic dung in the middle of the run, netted about 7k. respectable.

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