Advanced Proximity Radar for Displaying NPCs, Players and Objects
Version 0.4.0 - WoW - Download - Virus Total - Changes

Sonar is an advanced external radar system for World of Warcraft. It is designed to display surrounding NPCs, players and objects, all in real-time. Entities can either be displayed in 2D using the top-down radar view or in 3D using in-game overlays. Sonar also includes a powerful static and dynamic filtering system which comes with hundreds of premade filters for all your tracking needs. Keep reading or visit the product homepage to find out more information.


  • Supports both 32 and 64 bit clients
  • Track easier with in-game overlays
  • Updates with real-time performance
  • Comes with a vast library of filters
  • Completely external and safe to use
  • Fully customizable with flexible settings
  • Flexible alert and anti-AFK system
  • Offsets automatically updated online
  • Zero additional software required
  • Revolutionary new user experience
  • Free for the duration of the beta

Be sure to visit the usage page to discover all of Sonar's hidden features.

Sonar comes with a large library of filters to help you track everything you need. Simply download the desired filter collection and unzip its contents into the "Filters" directory next to the Sonar executable. If there is no "Filters" directory, simply create one.

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