Earlier today around 3PM one of the users of my World of Warcraft rotation bot (irrelevant but gives context) brought it to my attention that the Frozen forum was compromised.

This comprise appeared to me to just be a simple overused password which WiNiFiX or the other staff member used on the forum.

The attacker posted the forum database publicly on the forum after deleting all of the web contents.
Your data was leaked and you should proceed with these steps:

1. Assess if you've been compromised, did you register on the forum?

2. Did you use the same password as multiple places?

3. Did you use a similar username and email to other places?

If one or all of these criteria are true then proceed to the "I've been hacked" portion.

If none of these are true still proceed to the "Improve online security" portion.

I've been hacked!

That's ok, let's minimize our risk.

1. Open notepad and jot down your list of websites you can think of that used that username and or password.

2. Change these passwords.

3. Head over to LastPass.com and create an account. Use a secure master password!

4. Migrate these usernames and passwords and run the LastPass password strength test. I recommend just going to these websites and changing your passwords again with LastPass generated passwords.

Improve online security:
1. Use programs like LastPass to have unique complex passwords.

2. Try to use unique usernames or common words when theesable.

3. Consider using a unique email service like abine blur
Abine Blur: passwords, payments, & privacy

4. Don't open links or signup on websites with similar passwords and usernames on websites you don't know or trust.

Ensure all data submitted is on an https website, we're in 2017 there's no reason to be risked by stupid web administrators.

//End public service announcement.

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