This is a beta release, a lot needs to be done. I just wanted to release something simple for the release of elysium. And yes this is a rework of my old bot, but much more stable.


  • Fish
    • Standard Fishing (not moving)
    • Pool Fishing (Follows path searching for pools, supports mounts)

  • Gather
    • Mining and Herbalism
    • Supports Mounts

  • Grind
    • Set path and grind mobs
    • Supports Mounts
    • Supports a grave path
    • Vendoring supported (limited)
      • Sell selected items
      • Buy selected items
      • Repair
      • Only 1 vendor is supported currently
      • Vendor Names are not saving currently (reworking vendor system)

  • Follow
    • Not supported yet

  • Rotation
    • Basic rotation
    • Customizable LUA rotations

  • Auto Loot/Gather
    • Auto loots/gather/skin when playing

  • Kick
    • Kicks selected spells
    • Currently only kicks casts

  • Morpher
    • Morph armor, weapons, mounts and models
    • Save all changes, and use them again later (please upload your mogs)

  • Hack (Botting specific)
    • Loot Mounted
    • Swim and Fish
    • Anti Root
    • No fall Damage
    • Water Walk
    • Wall Climb
    • Collision disabler

  • Misc
    • Warden Bypass (Displays Scans)
    • Script testing console
    • In game UI
    • Save login info
    • Extended Lua API functions
    • Uses mesh navigation
    • Mesh editor (can be used for private server development) [INFO] Click To Move MUST be enabled!


  • You will need to inject the dll into the game (I will add an injector soon (TM))
  • This bot is in testing, thing are bugged.
  • Do not use this on any accounts you don't want banned.
  • Injector I'm using CheatEngine6.7
    • Click the Computer at the top left, Select WoW.exe, Click Memory View (Left 1/2 way down), then CTRL i

  • Open Wow one at a time if injecting into multiple clients
  • Do not have wows dev console enabled / opened when injecting
  • Do NOT manually map as an injection type.
  • Widescreen not currently supported for drawing path.
  • This bot is 100% free, no features are behind a pay wall.
  • Profiles & Rotations


Bug Report:

  • Found a bug? Please take the time to post it to the bug tracker.
  • Bug Tracker!

Thanks To:

  • reliasn
  • namreeb
  • Sacred
  • culino2
  • Corthezz
  • Jadd
  • JuJuBoSc
  • tutrakan
  • danwins
  • ocornut

Change Log:

Please update to 2.1.12+

Download: Gasai 2.1.16 VANILLA

Download: Mesh Files

Download: Gasai 2.1.1 TBC ALPHA



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