Hello everyone!

We have a fully functional WOW grinding bot, currently in BETA phase, the bot uses virtualization technology to provide an absolute secure method to bot your characters.

Program Features -
Easy Profile Creation
Custom Class Rotation setup
Grinding 1-60

Features in the works -
Hearth to vendor and sell/repair

Support -
Detailed Text Setup Guide
Video Setup Guide

We have a strong community of over 200 happy members and are always working with members to resolve issues.

About PB -
Created with the average player in mind that can't dedicate several days of their lives to grind and reach end game, we created PB for you. We use virtualization to provide the SAFEST method to help you on your way to glory. We have had 0 bans since we started and keep growing everyday.

I would be happy to provide vouches and free keys for high standing community members to test on their own if needed.

If you are interested in more information, please send me a message on here or on Discord at Nefarian#9167

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