We'll keep it short and simple, as most of the information is on our website whenever you decide to visit. Under one year development,we finally opened our Wrath of the Lich King realm, with many features and improvements to the game. We aim to bring quality to the expansion, and continue to improve the game even further than it always has been. We're never satisfied with the entire game. There's always an improvement to be made. We're not afraid of feedback or suggestions either, we build together. Some details regarding experience rate and our ideals. First, leveling.

Leveling remains apart of our design, with double on the weekends. Green and blue items drop at an increased rate as well, allowing new players to gear accordingly with the increased rate.

  • Experience rate: 8

  • Green and blue drop rate: 3

Currency, is next on the list. Gold on the realm is a universal currency, allowing you to obtain cosmetic items, enchants, gems and starting item-level 200 gear from either the auction house or the Dalaran suppliers. Emblems are still obtained and are used to purchase better gear, ultimately preparing you for the Icecrown Citadel.

Arena and Battleground rewards have both been improved. With static end-season rewards put in place, everyone can readily see what rewards are to be expected for the next season, and far into the future. This includes brand new achievements and titles. Battleground players have much to look forward to as well, as they will for the first time be able to obtain full Wrathful Gladiator gear through the new ranking system. More information this and arenas on our website's features section.

Dynamic Mounts, and Azeroth flying have been implemented. You may now ride your flying mounts anywhere in the world, as they change depending on your location. In addition, you may purchase a Flight Master's License in Dalaran to unlock the ability to fly in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, similar to the Cataclysm update. However, Stormwind City and Orgrimmar remain flight-restricted areas.

Professions have been improved as well. You will no longer need to level a profession to access its combat bonus at max level. You can access them at skill level (1). All of these bonuses are available for a gold cost near its Dalaran trainer, and require no reagents. The same 2-profession restriction remains.

Icecrown Citadel has been improved greatly, with every encounter working as intended. You will notice vast improvements. The Shadowmourne quest-line now requires only 25 Shadowfrost Shards to complete, down from the standard 50. In addition, there's a new achievement waiting for a guild bold enough to attempt it.

Our patch brings many improvements to the game, related to the examples above. Our patch size remains small. We do not oversize our patch with items from every expansion upwards. We bring what is required, with some select-quality items for our players. Additionally, may install our purified client that includes both the patch and our launcher to keep the patch up to date at all times.

Not everything is listed here, including many of the quality-of-life changes implemented. More information can be found on our website or in our discord. Links below:
Website : Nagrand.net || Home
Discord : Nagrand.net
FAQ : Nagrand.net || Faq
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