Sorath is a 99% balanced custom server. Experience all content at your own pace since Patch 3.3.5, alone or with friends.


Most of you will not know about the project, so I will start with a short introduction. I have been developing a new project for about a year. Development is proceeding smoothly and steadily (although I warmly welcome any contributor who wants to help).


This is a brand new project, just a realm to relax alone or with friends knowing that you are the owner of your data. That being said, don't expect anything more from it, just a comfortable little place.

In case you were wondering, these are the features:

Realm Name: Sorath WoW - Custom
Content Patch: 3.3.5: Wrath of the Lich King
Timeline: None, I will change the patches whenever I feel like it.
Core: AzerothCore, always with the latest changes.

To start playing, simply depend on our website and download the patches.

So that you do not miss any information or event, join our discord.


~ Zagan

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