Hey! Forest-Servers is a new WoW community that seeks to provide a fun experience for all Members who join us, We offer solo-friendly content dungeons and reduced player requirement raids. More details can be found below!

Keep in mind the server is still in an open beta test, you will be able to keep your progress even after launch.

- 3X rates during the week, 4X on the weekend.
- 2 Talent points per level.
- Custom Dungeons(only found on Forest-Servers)
- Custom Content(Emerald Isle)
- 2 Custom races(Krokul for Alliance, Goblin for Horde) - With custom racials/starting zones.
- Challenge Mode solo dungeon where players can earn unique rewards/titles for defeating the bosses. (Pit of Exile)
- No binds on any items(even after being equipped)
- All weapon skills can be used by all classes.
- Custom Building System(Camp Building)
- Spells are automatically learned each level.
- Random Enchant System for all looted/crafted items.
- All class tier requirements have been removed.
- A teleporter/vendor can be found in every dungeon/capital city.
- Scaling Dungeons/Raids.
- New Race/Class combos. - Orc Priest, Tauren Paladin, Troll Druid. Dwarf Shaman, Nightelf Mage, Gnome Paladin.
- Custom Mounts.
- All riding skills are taught on creation, mount cost has been increased.
- All dungeons drop tier 0 loot caches.
- Starting Mount(Forest Fox) - 100% increased speed.
- City raiding(Stormwind/Orgrimmar) Guards will drop tier 0 gear and reward honor points.
- Classic PVP titles are enabled.
- Starting guild for all new characters(Newcomer)
- World quests/dailies.
- World bosses.
- Retroported content from future expansions.

Join us today to experience World of Warcraft in a way that is designed for Solo/Scaled gameplay. We do weekly updates/fixes.



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