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    Exclamation MMOPro - Official Forum Rules

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    A set of policies all users of the community must follow.
    Please take a moment to read this. It's important.

      1. Summary
        1. Respect every user, this includes Staff Members.
        2. No Po-rnography, racism, sexism, and prejudice.
        3. No reputation violations.
        4. Have a great time.

      1. Illegalities
        1. Po-rnography is well strictly banned.

      2. Advertising
        1. You may promote your own emulation servers, hosting services and personal portfolios.
        2. Other websites are not tolerated, particularly forum communities, or the like.
        3. Referrer links are forbidden, if you post one it will be considered spam and will end up in an infraction.
        4. Advertising similar sites as mmopro is forbidden and will result in a ban (it doesn't matter if you've put a backlink on that site).
        5. Advertising your own forum hosted at a free-forum provider is not allowed.
        6. Posting a link to your Facebook page is only allowed if you have publicly liked mmopro . It does not make any difference whether you like mmopro by using the button provided on our website, or doing it directly via Facebook.
        7. Add a visible backlink on your homepage. If no backlink will found, you will reach a infraction. *NEW*

      3. Relevance
        1. All content that is not your own must be properly credited.
        2. Your replies to a thread may only be to that thread. Send your private chats to the blogs.
        3. Please understand the difference between personal messages and public messages.

      4. Language Usage
        1. Write in English only.
        2. Racism, sexism, and prejudice to any demo-graphical group is strictly prohibited.
        3. Profanity is absolutely fine, but be aware of our abuse policies.

      1. Reputation
        1. You may only give points to posts you find worthy of recognition.
        2. Never trade (rep4rep) points, ask for points, or promote an implication of that in any way.
        3. You may not give points for bringing up posts (bumps) or to alias accounts.
        4. No rep pooling or spreading.

      2. Account Usage
        1. Your account is yours alone. Do not grant anybody else access.
        2. Do not sell the account or it may be revoked.
        3. Do not impersonate the staff or you will be permanently banned.

      3. Reporting Scammers
        1. You must provide hardcore evidence to prove your case.
        2. Whatever happens outside of MMOPro is not in our purview.

      4. Punishments
        1. Evading a ban will result in an extension on the evaded accounts and primary account.
        2. Occasionally an infraction or warning may be served for the most minor offenses.
        3. Infractions and warnings do expire, but all punishments stay on record.

    4. SPAM & ABUSE
      1. Degrees of Spam
        1. Spam of any kind is bannable in respect to how excessive.
        2. Account usage for the purpose of spam consequently results in a permanent ban.
        3. Spam in PMs is harshly bannable.
        4. Please report unsolicited personal messages and never quote spam. You should not respond to spam threads.

      2. Insulting
        1. Never insult others. Negativity may only be expressed in professional criticism.
        2. A first offense, even if minor, is punishable with a two day ban. Continuation is far more severe.

      3. Provocation
        1. Provoking others without necessarily insulting is still an offense.
        2. Furthermore, rebutting abuse may hold you viable as well.

    We have an absolute zero tolerance approach to these rules.
    If you've found anything or anyone in violation of the above, please report them.
    It is the only way the staff will be aware.

    Upon joining MMOPro you have automatically subscribed to our official rules.
    Respect them at all times. Thank you.

    Updated: Sep 19, 2017

    › See More: MMOPro - Official Forum Rules
    Last edited by Dr.Core; 19-08-17 at 08:57 AM. Reason: Adding some new Rules!

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